Your Unique Benefits

You mentioned that Belle Casa provides Unique Benefits, what does that mean?

We feel we lead the way for household cleaning and automatically provide the following unique benefits to our clients, with no extra charge.

Your 1st Benefit: We are very proud of the extra benefits we provide our clients with. We appreciate hours can be long, and client’s sometime require flexibility when they have family over or need a mini spring clean, or have internal house works. That’s why if you want an extra couple of hours on an ad hoc basis, this can be arranged directly with the dedicated cleaning lady, and you can have this free of any extra fees!

Your 2nd Benefit: We also provide a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee on any management fees paid if we do not meet your expectations (in truth we can offer this as it very rarely happens).

Your 3rd Benefit: We also know that sometimes clients want their first clean to be a mini ‘spring clean’. No problem, we can arrange that for you, and yes, you only pay the fees based on your normal hours. For example, you require a 3 hour clean every week, but require the first clean to be 5 hours. That’s fine, those extra 2 hours are free of fees!

As far as we are aware no other cleaning companies offer these benefits that our clients have enjoyed since day 1. This shows the confidence we have with our service and our goal of keeping all our clients happy.

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